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The 21-22 Community Forum will be in-person but will have a Virtual option via Zoom,

February 16, at 6:00 PM

via this site and Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting at

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 5609 3857
Passcode: 881070

Please attend, and please give us feed back at the meeting and/or via the survey link below (to be included later)

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More Info

The zoom meeting was attended by staff. We would have loved to see some parent participatyion. Those here enjoyed a delicious dinner  of Pesto Chicken Pasta.  

All informaiton desplayed at the meeting is still availabe online and in the District Office.

The documents listed above to see data regarding results so far for this year's goals and actions.

See Slides to the right to review the LCAP Goals and Actions so you can provide input on whether or not to continue them or change them.

Forms and materials are also available at the Front Office, and can be submitted there as well. Thank you for your valuable input.